Saturday, May 12, 2012

what’s in a name?

Just returned from the Denver seminar – Hi to all my new readers! We had a fun time and they put on a great potluck lunch - I always like seeing what people in different areas bring and I usually call out for some recipes – the desserts were awesome – Hey Ellen, I’m waiting for the blueberry/oatmeal recipe!

I almost finished up that ivory thing - without the sleeves – couldn’t decide what I wanted but thought I’d take it with me and bounce around a few ideas – they really liked it and while I was knitting, I tossed out a few names, like ‘meringue’ and ‘cream confection’ but they thought it looked like a vintage lace sampler so I’m now thinking ‘Vintage’ or ‘Antique’. I had a back-up plan in case the various shades of cream didn’t work – back in the day, when it was very hard to get a nude-coloured bra, I would soak a white one in strong tea, and it would come out a nice skin-tone but everyone agreed that all the shades were fine just the way they are.

I’ll do a elbow length sleeve with an open part at the top - maybe like ‘Lulu’ (No 43) or ‘Best Bib ‘n Tucker’ (No 46) or a combo of the two ideas – you see that on lots of things lately and I’ll experiment a bit first. I’ll make sure and post a final photo, wearing it, so you can see how light and airy it really is.

Happy Mother’s Day!