Friday, October 7, 2016

the church cardi saga

I think I got over the excitement of launching the new book - I've been tidying up around my workroom and getting ready to pack stuff up for the Dallas/Forth Worth seminar and I realized I hadn't shown you the finished Church Cardi! never mind the pullover version!
Maybe I'll back up a bit... The church cardi, you say? Way back in April, I began working on a mid gauge version of my RTR Lace Cardi and I had gotten a real 6.5mm 7-prong adjustable tool - oh, what the heck! you can go back and read about it again if you've forgotten or maybe joined me since then...
Anyway, it doesn't usually take me that long to finish a project but somewhere in there, I got the inspiration to put together the new book  - that's my excuse and I'm sticking with that story! I did say at one point that I was going to make a pullover version - I did have intentions of writing up both of these as a pattern, but one step at a time! I thought the pullover version would be a nice option for people who didn't like cardigans and actually both the cardigan and pullover were planned to offer a larger size range. The pullover has a back section that is virtually all patterned and the front/side panel of mostly stockinette allows for an increased finished width fairly easily. When I got that finished, I loved the back so much, I decided to make the pullover so I could have the back in the front, if you know what I mean, even though I very rarely wear pullovers - but this did turn out so nice, I am pretty sure I will wear this one - and now I do have something brand new to take to Dallas next week! ;-) Oh, and BTW, thanks to my friend Tom the machine knitting guy for convincing me that I really hadn't made a huge mistake ( - He sent me an email and told me he thought it looked very architectural - I looked at it again, steamed it out and it's one of my favourite designs - it's on the bottom of the front and back of the pullover - AND, BTW, all of these stitch patterns are included in the new book but there is no garment pattern (yet).