Monday, July 21, 2014

bad news...

I just received an email from my Knitstyle editors…they will cease publishing after #193, the next issue, which is due out August 5, 2014. Rats! just when I was getting to know the new format…and I just sent in my garment and pattern for #195 which you’ll probably never see! Even though I was moaning and whining about the colour choice (teal/peacock/kingfisher whatever you want to call it) it did turn out beautifully! They have said they will work with us designers to try and get the unpublished patterns placed with some other publication, but I’m pretty sure they just mean the hand knit designs.
And my garment/pattern for #194! Gosh! Darn! totally upset about that one – I had to fight for the design – when I first submitted it, this is what they said:
On 2/17/2014 7:57 AM, KnitStyle wrote:
“Mary Ann, I love the 2-sided fabric idea, but I'm not sure about the open shoulder for KNITstyle's demographic. Would you be open to doing the same silhouette but with the shoulder closed?  You could show the reverse side as a wide band (say, 8" or more) around the lower edge and the same width around the lower arm.”

WTH? not only do I read this as mk-ers are too what? old? young? to wear this open shoulder? but she’s now re-designing my design!!!
I thought it over and later,
On Feb 17, 2014, at 4:04 PM, MaryAnne wrote:
“well, I guess I have to ask, what is the KS demographic? what does this mean?
(from the request for design info, it said:) 'No limits to the types but I’d like to see designs that are suitable for various ages, from college age through, well, my age…. but think young, no matter the age.'
So, I was thinking young, but appropriate for party wear for the woman of a certain age; not showing upper arms where they droop, but the top of shoulder which still has a sexy look. This is something that I would wear and feel was more age-appropriate for a party look rather than the sleeveless things I see everywhere - [Gail King, Katie Couric, etc - they may be a bit younger than me (I was grouping myself in your age group) but not by much.] And I feel the silhoutte is very current, I've been looking at a lot of fall knitwear lately and a long, flowing A-line top is very in right now, for younger and older.  I'm seeing a lot of silk/rayon type flowing looks and a lot of mesh-look so I was going for a sparkly, drapey party type tunic for skirt or dress pants or even blue jeans, for the younger crowd. I did not mean for there to be both knit and purl side in the one garment, only that either could be used as the right side and I would, in the article, give options for finishing if it mattered.” -Mary Anne

Next day, the reply….
On 2/18/2014 10:24 AM, KnitStyle wrote:
“It's really the ‘knitting demographic’ (especially for those magazines exclusively in print - for the moment) more than which does tend to trend older than regular fashion magazines. That said, you seem passionate about your design, so maybe the KM demographic does trend younger than that for hand knitting. (Unless it's changed, though, I know it also tends to trend larger size-wise. At least it did years ago when I went to KM conferences.)
So go with it.  I'm happiest when I'm proven wrong for something I had doubts about."
On 5/27/2014 5:02 PM, KnitStyle wrote:
“Mary Anne, this is a belated thank you for your great design.  I'm seeing so many more of these shoulder-focused designs - you were so right..... ;-)"
and she sent some photos...

so much for the knitting demographic...why use a 15 yr old model?