Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DSW forever!!!

I spent yesterday checking out my wardrobe, sewing on buttons for the No. 47 garments, adjusting some things from previous issues - took the zipper out of ‘Outlines’ from No. 44 and put a couple of big hooks at the top and changed the buttons on ‘Curve Appeal’ from No. 46 - preparing for Inspiration ‘08 in Cleveland. I fly out early Thursday morning and I’m so looking forward to being there. I sent Sue J her linen jacket and tiered skirt and she got the package on Saturday - I thought she should have them ahead of time so she could co-ordinate her seminar wardrobe. You’ll be surprised to see what colour they are!!!
I was trying on and taking off and seeing which shoes go with what - I found the cutest leopard print with black patent high heels to go with ‘Fit ‘n Flare’ and ‘Print It’ from No. 46 - you’ll think I had them and made the outfit to go with instead of the other way around! I also have the sweetest ‘Rocket Dog’ high heel wedges in black with a red/ivory/grey print that look perfect with my black tiered skirt and the red ‘Mazatlan’ from No. 44. The fashion show is always fun and I like to make sure things look good and not just thrown on - I’m hoping to recruit a few models and do an issue-by-issue presentation of the past year, with several models and garments out on the runway at the same time.
I’ve got everything laid out in piles by issue number - now to see if it all fits in just 2 bags - otherwise, I have to leave something behind...tough decisions - but I’m down to just 5 pairs of shoes... sure hope I see you there!!