Thursday, September 27, 2012

Omega - is that another word for ohmigawd?

Here’s the thing…I’ve got my current KnS project almost completed on the LK150 – ‘almost’ being the operative word – it’s relative - the garment is almost complete (a gansey-style pullover for the April ’13 issue – more about this at another time, I promise), but the pattern writing is another story – 5 sizes and all those stitch charts, what was I thinking?…it’s due next week and I have to factor in postal time...I’ve got to finish up the pattern writing for the October POM (Rectangles, see last post) and add the last details to the techniques article for that one. And I was starting to feel the crunch of what the heck am I doing for the third garment for the Fall ’12 POM???
In the back of my mind, I want a hoodie – a nice one, mind you and I’ve got all sorts of conflicting things to think about and consider – what yarn to use? I want something special – what style? I’ve been favouring a raglan. Are people going to say, what, another hoodie (maybe that was just for kids)? But then I haven’t done one for the standard gauge for a while and not in the ‘Serial Stuff’ stuff…
While I was doing my Jillian workout this morning, it hit me (I had a hard time finishing up and to be honest, I blew through the cool-down--let me say, I’m doing my workout, staring at my shelves of yarn, between the huffing and puffing…)…
I’ve seen virtually everyone in town wearing a ‘Lululemon’ (google it if you have to) hoodie – I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t have one – on girls and women of all ages, and my friends tell me of people they know who have several – I’ve only looked at them on the ‘net – they start at $125 and I can’t justify that
You may know I do have this affinity for WCD (wool crepe deluxe) – a hoodie will take a considerable amount – most WCD  cones currently are in the 18-19 oz/550g range and I feel that is probably not enough (get real, MA, you KNOW it’s not enough!) and that's when it hit me – I have a bunch of part cones that aren’t enough for too much of anything – how many camis can I think I’ll need/knit? One of my pet peeves is a two-colour garment that looks like they ran out of yarn or were trying to use up leftovers, so I don’t want that effect and I’m not totally sold on the ‘new’ colour-blocking thing…
So,  I’m not trying to duplicate the ‘omega’ symbol that is the ‘Lululemon’ motif, but by making the raglan sleeve into a type of saddle-shoulder…well, you’ll just have to check back soon for developments!
I’m going to Germantown, WI  to do a one-day workshop on October 20 – OMG!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

breaking news...

Got finished with the final details of proofing and correcting the pattern for ‘ Two Way’ – if you’ve subscribed to the new POM (Pattern of the Month, if you haven’t been following me) I’ll be emailing the zip file of the pdfs & DAK stitch patterns before the end of the week.

Knit’nStyle has the newest issue, #182 on their website – check it out! My mid gauge pattern, Lace Medley is a tunic (see blog post June ’12) with border lace and motif patterns, hand-transferred, of course, because it’s done on the LK150 and my techniques article for that issue is dealing with seaming on the machine – hope you find it helpful!
Here’s the first preview of the next pattern for POM for October. I call it ‘Rectangles’ because the back and fronts are simply that - rectangles, so no shaping - most of the edges are finished as you go, with longstitch that knits automatically on the front side using a few stitches on the rib bed, while the main bed is knitting One-Row-Tuck. I think this is a really  quick knit, even though it looks like a lot of fabric! The finished garment is totally fun to wear – I made two versions – the ivory was the first one, made with Silk Bourette from Yeoman Yarns and could be called the  ‘budget’ style or the ‘tall-girl’ design and it has a collar. I loved it but wanted another one, a little shorter, a bit more casual-wearing, maybe with jeans or something simple – both of them look great over a dress – anyway, the green is Wool Crepe Deluxe and could be called the ‘upscale’ model – my girlfriends loved both of them! I’m working on the patterns, almost ready for proofing and there will be the usual 5 size range in the two lengths with tips for choosing yarns, combining length size with widths and different finishing techniques.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

good news...

I have a new standard gauge pattern-of-the-month.
The subscription means that you pay $25 in advance and then each month for the next 3 months (September, October, November) you will get the new pattern with the techniques article emailed to you in pdf format. The subscription can be purchased now and the first pattern will be emailed on the 15th of the month or whenever you subscribe. It’s easy to get it from our website, (go to - refresh your browser if it doesn’t come up right after the opening page). You can use Paypal OR visa or mastercard through Paypal.
If that doesn’t work for you, you can send a check/cheque or money order, along with the order form (found at the bottom of the bookstore/back issues page - click on the appropriate icon and print out the order form, make sure to provide your correct email address, and write in NEW POM, please).
The pattern for September is called Two Way, a lace, swing cardy (A-line) with single button (actually hiding the snap) front closing. The accompanying article has lots of tips and techniques for completing the project and for future reference on lace carriage knitting. I’ve made mine using Silk City Fibers Mini Dina 1049 - check out  - Tamm Diamante or Yeoman’s Panama could be used as a substitute.
Hope you like it and keep checking back here for more updates!

We are also having a big SALE at the KNITWORDS website - see the link above – Buy 3, get 3 – there is a special button to pay $30 for 6 (North American postage included in that price) and then you need to email me and tell me which issues you want – I also have some others that are not listed in the bookstore - #15, 25, 29, 31, 32, 33, and 34.
I have a full set, #1 to 53 – that were on my ‘wall of fame’ in my office that I am willing to part with – email me if you are interested in that!
And, my ‘rainbow’ books, the techniques books with the coloured covers are on special, buy 3, get 1 free for $75 – there is a paypal button for that deal and again you need to email me with your choices.

Thanks to everyone for your support!