Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Got finished with the final details of proofing and correcting the pattern for ‘ Two Way’ – if you’ve subscribed to the new POM (Pattern of the Month, if you haven’t been following me) I’ll be emailing the zip file of the pdfs & DAK stitch patterns before the end of the week.

Knit’nStyle has the newest issue, #182 on their website – check it out! My mid gauge pattern, Lace Medley is a tunic (see blog post June ’12) with border lace and motif patterns, hand-transferred, of course, because it’s done on the LK150 and my techniques article for that issue is dealing with seaming on the machine – hope you find it helpful!
Here’s the first preview of the next pattern for POM for October. I call it ‘Rectangles’ because the back and fronts are simply that - rectangles, so no shaping - most of the edges are finished as you go, with longstitch that knits automatically on the front side using a few stitches on the rib bed, while the main bed is knitting One-Row-Tuck. I think this is a really  quick knit, even though it looks like a lot of fabric! The finished garment is totally fun to wear – I made two versions – the ivory was the first one, made with Silk Bourette from Yeoman Yarns and could be called the  ‘budget’ style or the ‘tall-girl’ design and it has a collar. I loved it but wanted another one, a little shorter, a bit more casual-wearing, maybe with jeans or something simple – both of them look great over a dress – anyway, the green is Wool Crepe Deluxe and could be called the ‘upscale’ model – my girlfriends loved both of them! I’m working on the patterns, almost ready for proofing and there will be the usual 5 size range in the two lengths with tips for choosing yarns, combining length size with widths and different finishing techniques.

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