Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update (better late...)

Well, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth – actually I fell off my bike the other day, but that has nothing to do with this…
Guess I just didn’t have much to say – I have been knitting too!
I did finish the ‘Antique’ lace cardigan although it overlapped with my last KnS project. I did the split sleeve, buttoning it over the top of the arm and used another lace pattern – very open, lots of holes with the purl side as the outside. And no, it’s not going to be a pattern of the month – too much stuff happening to write that one up – it will be my own personal one-off. No photo yet, sorry.
For KnS #182 I did a hand-transferred lace tunic – I actually made a prototype for myself, experimenting as I went, of course, and then re-doing it for the magazine in the proper yarn. I used Forsell’s Touch of Silk DK for mine and then used Austermann Alpaca Silk DK in sienna for the magazine – it is a tunic/dress that I picture wearing with leggings or tights – I changed the length twice, re-designed the neckline twice – first had a cowl neck, decided it was too much, ripped it off and just made a roll neck – the mag version has a nice stockinette band finishing the neck - made the sleeves twice, again too much happening; re-designed them again for the magazine version – that one has cute little cap sleeves suitable for younger arms than mine. I was really pleased with both and it will be interesting to see how they photo/style the KnS one. It’s for the December issue which comes out in October I believe and we were supposed to have a bit of a holiday theme to the garment – I thought it would be a nice addition to a wintery wardrobe and have lots of possibilities for accessorizing for the holiday season. With the summer weather here now, it’s hard to imagine wearing either of them but it will be here soon enough!
Oh and KnS (Knit'nStyle in case you haven't been following) has renewed my contracts for another year – guess somebody likes me. And they've asked for small projects as well as the standard garment and article per issue, so, we'll (me and my LK) will be there!
Then I was rummaging through my stash and I found a big cone of cotton denim bouclĂ© that was from the Bonnie Triola Yarn days – I loved that stuff and in fact, made a long, lace skirt (it was in the Sassy Skirts, 2005) that I still wear – in fact, it’s my favourite travelling skirt – I usually wear it when I’m driving long distance – it’s totally comfortable, good for any weather and still looks good when you arrive – what more could you want? It has faded nicely, just like denim should. I debated what to make – another skirt, maybe knee length? Or a summer cardigan of lace – that won out and I love it!! This will be a POM for sure – just need to come up with a suitable yarn…that one was discontinued long ago…