Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer knitting???

The other day I was chatting with my MK friend - she lives in a fairly summer-warm climate - we were discussing summer knitting. Now, to be honest, here in Thunder Bay, I just think of summer knitting as something you do in the summer - like today, it’s the 24th of May and it’s 8C - that’s like 45F - we think a hot summer day is 75F - anyway, my friend was saying that she thinks with this hobby, and her investment, both in time and money, and fairly hot weather over 6 months of the year, she would like to have her machine knit wardrobe extend farther than it does right now. So I was recommending some of my past KNITWORDS patterns I thought would be suitable for her and actually, I realized there are probably more knitters out there who may want to do this.
Our criteria was upper arms covered and a garment that wasn’t too hot to wear in the 90F+ range. Most DK weight/mid gauge stuff is out because the yarn is just too thick and therefore too warm and, although I’ve made many lace cardigans of mercerised cotton, most of them have long sleeves which rules them out.
I mentioned a few things that I have worn in the past when I was in Minneapolis or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter where they have that awful humidity....
Here’s the short list:
1. Tutti Frutti from No 49 - it was a sideways knit lace cardigan with a short, extended-shoulder-sleeve made from 2 balls of Tofutsie sock yarn - I really think it was the yarn that made it so warm-weather-friendly - a blend of wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin (whatever that is!). l felt good, covered, and cool wearing it.
2. Linen Spin, also from No 49 - the yarn again was the key - it’s just a loose, cool-ish coverup, that can be worn over a tank, dress or cami and skirt. The yarn is 100% linen and because the jacket style with 3/4 sleeve is loose & drapey, it’s like wearing a linen jacket, but more casual.
3. Go Vogue - a skirt from No38 - I remade this in black Bramwell hobby - the original is Skinny Majesty rayon and I’ve worn them both many, many times!
4. PurlyGirl from No 45 - a nice, button front sleeveless cardy made from cotton that I wear over a short sleeve tee.
5. Mazatlan from No 45, a short sleeve lace cardy knit in mini dina, a cotton/rayon blend I made for the Mexico cruise I did back then - I’ve had tons of compliments and worn this so much!
6. Wild Side from No 50 - a short sleeve deep vee neck cardy that's been fun to wear!
My final thought was my remake of ‘Let’s Swing Again’ from No 44 - (see blog  Sep‘09 - what's happening) - that black one, I’ve certainly had my money and time’s worth out of it! I decided this would be my new summer re-knit in a lighter colour - I have wool crepe deluxe in sand dune that will be just the ticket - it’s a pretty quick knit - and short, loose and cool! I’ve got the back and fronts done already (I used it as my test/trial/get back to knitting before the seminar thing because it has double bed bands and will get me thinking for the ribber classes!)) - just the top yoke section to do - I’ll show you next week when I get back from the west coast! I think I have the perfect big button for it already!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey, I just found out, the newest Knit’nStyle is out!! Subscribers get it first and then it goes on newsstands around the 25th of May - I don't have a copy yet, but you can see it on their website - check it out at http://www.knitnstyle.com/ ! I have to be honest with you, the only thing I’m really interested in is that my garment looks good and they spelled my name right! And yes, they did and ‘Faux Crochet’ looks really nice (how can you tell I’m a bit of a control freak? - it’s hard not having that option)!! This is an A-line cardigan, 3/4 sleeve, sideways knit on the mid gauge LK150, a hand-selected tuck stitch with loose tension rows - I made it back in February and had a bit of separation anxiety when I sent it off and realized I wouldn’t get it back - I did make it again just to have (didn’t have the same yarn so had to come up with a substitute). I had put it aside and forgot all about it till now!! I'll try to bring it to Portland, but that suitcase is getting pretty full!
Speaking of KnS, I’m working on my next project for the December issue - it’s called 'classic alpaca' 100% alpaca, a DK weight from The Alpaca Yarn Co - http://www.thealpacayarnco.com/ - talk about colour selection! Wow!! and beautiful yarn! If you haven’t treated yourself to an alpaca sweater, it’s time - wearing this feels like you’re wrapped in whipped butter! AND I got it on cone!!! how’s that for treating me right! Instead of 50g balls which would mean tons of ends, they sent me a huge cone with enough for my entire project - guess what? another cardigan, with cables this time.
I was trying to keep my head down and on task - I think I did pretty good - didn’t make it through that whole list - I still have the year-end stuff looming over my head! I admit, I can be a first-class procrastinator when it comes to office work - good thing there is a final deadline or I’d put it off forever.
And, I did get a new dress/coat/whatever done for Portland - not sure what it really is, but I’m going to wear it as a dress. The button front and the vertical lines are totally slimming and I feel taller wearing it, even without the shoes! It is the same shape in the body as ‘geezer chic’, just longer. The elbow length sleeve means being able to wear it while knitting without worrying about catching it. The jury is still out on the ivory shoes - they are perhaps a bit over the top but I do have lots of other choices, trust me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Let’s face it - I’ve got wardrobe coming out the ying yang - It’s not like I need anything new - it’s been 3 years since I’ve been to Portland so I’m sure I have lots of stuff to show and wear, but this is Spring - well, it may actually be Spring then (see http://www.pacificallypassap.com/  Memorial Day weeekend in Clackamas, OR)
In case you’ve never been to an MAO seminar, I generally do a mini fashion show in each class. I usually wear a black dress, pretty plain (think ‘My LBD’ from No 52) or a black top and skirt (think ‘Body Basic’, No 43 and ‘Tiers of Joy’, No 47) then, anything I put on over it looks good. As I’m talking through techniques, I put on the garments and show how they look - I guess that’s why you come to a seminar.
I’m used to producing and I always have new stuff to wear no matter where I go - there are 3 weeks before the Portland do so why shouldn’t I have something totally new?
It’s not like I have nothing else to do...here’s my ‘quick’ to-do list:
-finish article for KnS
-finish workshop notes for Pacifically Passap Plus
-do the business end of the business and take to accountant for year end
-get training for the half marathon walk in September
-do the mk conversions for the KnS hand knit patterns
-oil wooden lawn furniture
-cook dinner for company coming tonight
So why am I swatching tuck ribs and thinking I need something new for Portland? what the heck? I don’t have to justify it, I can just do it - in the back of my mind, it’ll be one of the Fall patterns!
I’ll give you a few hints - I love the Geezer remake but it’s dark - burgundy - not a spring colour - it does look great with black but it'll have to wait for Fall. I’m thinking that shape, but maybe a bit longer so I can pull it off as a dress, but lighter, colourwise. (I do have some great ivory, high heel sandals, new, never before seen!) Maybe an elbow-length sleeve... that won’t get caught when I’m knitting...and I may as well throw in a few more ribber techniques...did you know you can use a tuck pattern on the main bed and have some tucks on the rib bed too?
I like the deep, full needle rib hem - that's a racked cast-on edge...