Tuesday, June 2, 2020

batting a thousand...

Finally got a chance to give out some of these tank tops and see how I did! 
Sarah got hers and said:
 ‘Thank you very much for the beautiful knitted tank top! 
It fits like a glove and reminds me of when my Oma used to knit sweaters for us (although yours is much more delicate looking!) I look forward to showing it off, when we can leave the house again!!! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into it – it’s beautiful.’

Agnieszka and Rhiana put theirs on immediately and were totally happy with all the colours and the fit. They both mentioned the cutaway back armhole favourably! Nate said the colours reminded him of that salad with the cranberries!

They all look great and I’m ecstatic!!

P.S. Blogger is changing things. Ar-r-r-g-g-h! You know how I hate change...sorry for the delay while I learn something new!

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sageintaglio said...

They look lovely in their new tops!