Thursday, June 4, 2020


Maybe but it looks totally different! And I did pull off fixing that booboo on the hem! Finished weight, 224g for finished 34 bust, 20-inch length, so Cannelé is for most, at least a two-cone project.
On the gold Panama one, aka four-letter word tank for Janet, I realize I forgot to add some shortrows to even out the A-line shaping. ;(
Oh well, she can just wear it around the house! LOL!
I guess I’ll just have to knit her another one to make up for it! :)
I won’t be doing the leaf pattern! I do have a part cone of turquoise and a partial crocus/purple. Either is a little more my idea of her colourway and I’ve already picked out an ewrap hem from the green book. I’m coming to the end of my list and I still need things to knit!

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Unknown said...

I love these! And I can totally see sister Janet wearing hers!