Friday, June 19, 2020

in the name of research...

Just wanted to let you know I’m ok! Summer finally came so it’s cutting into my production time a bit but I'm still knitting away!
Number 13 is done except for the final seaming.I was going to call this a short-sleeved T-shirt, but a little research told me it wasn’t a Tee because of the set-in sleeve. What I did was start making this for baby sister Marnie and after thinking about it while knitting the front and back, I decided she would likely prefer a short sleeve instead of the sleeveless version. No problem! I’m using that one-row-tuck technique again, mostly because I need a little extra width and guess what? MAO did a pattern, Body Basic, using the 1RT/WCD, with a short sleeve back in Knitwords 42, Autumn'07
Tuck stitch pumps up the volume. Take a thin yarn with a stockinette gauge of 9 sts per inch and add tuck to get 7.5 sts per inch and you get a much wider fabric, increasing the size range. Knit side as right side has subtle stitch pattern for a smooth fabric face. Basic fitted top, with either vee or round neck, short, set-in sleeve, circular bands. No-ribber hems also given.
And it’s sized up to a finished hip of 52 inches! What could be easier?
I only had to change it a bit - made an A-line instead of the shaped version, added some shortrows just above the hem to round out the A-line and used another variation of that 8-stitch repeat hand-transferred trim.
On the turquoise one, I did it as the book should have said, with the multi-strand ewrap and the tuck-stitch dividing line. For Thirteen, I used the chained cast-on and dividing line from #15 (mixing the 2 edges from my last post) and it looks great!
No need to get bored here!
Stay safe! Be kind! Be positive! Knit!

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