Friday, June 5, 2020

better late than never...

I weighed those two part cones to be sure and though the turquoise one came in at 216g, I know it’ll be tight, I’m going in with it because I really feel that Janet will appreciate the colour.
For the hem, I picked #21 from the green book (50 Ways to Love Your Knitter). I was thinking, this is going to be a cakewalk! I’m making it same as the gold one with a different hem treatment, so I don’t even really need to recalculate anything. That was my first mistake. My schematic tells me I need 86 sts on each side of 0 to start. Pause a minute and figure this out – the hem I’ve chosen is an 8-stitch repeat. Why? I mean why would I do that? The green book was written by yours truly 25 years ago. Do you think I can remember why I did something 25 years ago? I’m lucky right now to know what day it is! Anyway, do I need to apologize now? I will, just to be on the safe side. People, I’m sorry! Not for the 8-stitch thing, that’s ok, but there are some key elements missing from the destructions in this one!
First of all, in an attempt to redeem myself, check this out:
It’s a post about the needle number strip and has some good info in it!

Here’s what #21 should say:
21.  EWRAP, LACE EDGE, HAND TRANSFERRED. 8 stitch repeat, side away is right side.
1.     Cast-on waste yarn, ravel cord. RC000. CAR. Measure out MC 3X width of ns in work,
plus 8-10 inches. Double it over on itself and then one more time to have 3 strands together.
This will make a long-enough triple strand to wrap all ns.
2.     Using MC triple strand, ewrap from left to right.
3.     Single strand, MT+1, knit 2 rows.
4.     #1 right is the centre of the 8-st repeat. Beginning with #2 right, transfer this stitch to #1 right, repeat across row to have 2 sts on every other needle.  
Leave empty ns in work. Knit 2 rows.  RC004
5.     Using 3-prong tool, transfer as in chart, starting with#1 right as the centre with 3 stitches together. Knit 2 rows. RC006
6.     Transfer as in chart, using 2-prong tool. Knit 2 rows. RC008
7.     1-prong tool transfer as in chart. K2R. RC010                                                
8.     Make a tuck stitch border as follows: set to hold. Select #1 left and then bring EON to HP.
9.     Knit 2 rows.  RC012.
10.   Cancel hold. Carefully bring all ns out, making sure not to disturb the held sts. Knit 1 row. RC013. Set to MT. Continue in desired stitch. Use WY to pin scallops and steam.  Remove WY after steaming.

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Knittedbrows said...

Thanks for the info. I've used this edging in the past and can't remember any problems.