Thursday, June 11, 2020

my envelope trick...

I chose that #21 band  bottom, blue, in photo at right) for the last hem because it is quite like the one used on the yellow Cannelé tank. The yellow tank, using #15 (top, green in photo), had a chained cast-on, some transfers that create a pointed scallop at the bottom and then another chained line to divide the hem from the rest of the piece. When you get to know me, you might realize I like things like that dividing line – it adds a nice little detail. Looking at #21, although the cast-on is different - a multi-strand ewrap instead of the chained one - the transfers, again slightly altered, also make a pointed scallop and now we’re using a tucked technique to create the separation line. I wanted to do a comparison of the methods.
So why the envelope? well, I have a bunch leftover…they are a reasonably firm strip that is easily held and moved, doesn’t take up much space and they’re close at hand. What more can I say? Ideally, a long, narrow strip of cardboard or bristle board works too. I talked about this idea once before.
Anyway, back to this 8-stitch repeat, instead of having to count and re-count that you have 7 needles between the 8th stitch all across the needle bed, if you count the first set and mark them on the edge of the envelope, then move the envelope along, lining up the end one with the next set to select, it makes it much quicker, no need to count and sort of foolproof. And for this trim it is helpful to be able to use it for all 4 selection rows, so really cuts down on the counting!
You’re welcome!

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sageintaglio said...

Now that's a clever trick worth saving! Thanks!