Tuesday, June 9, 2020

sock yarn for the save...

The thing about that hand-transferred lace edge, you/we/I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right or wrong! I felt I had to clarify. Besides it can get a little boring here sometimes!
The point of the turquoise top was to make a second one for Janet because I forgot the shortrowing at the hem and I just wanted to dash off a quickie, no biggie, right? Not so much. You saw I got the Back done, conscious of the fact that I wouldn’t have any extra yarn to play with, but I figured I’d at least get the two pieces knit and then worry about the neck and armbands. Made the second hem for the Front, quite pleased with myself for putting in the extra effort to make sure we were all on the same page. After the hem, I thought I’d use the lace carriage to do a little something on the yoke area, bandying ideas of a chevron single motif, similar to Laced With Diamonds from Knitwords No.6, Autumn 1998. I wouldn’t use that exact one because as fate would have it, I actually gave that top to Janet, after I’d worn it a few times.
Back to present, after the hem, I happily put on the lace carriage and proceeded to knit stockinette up to the underarm as I am aware that if I switched to the lace carriage at the underarm, the difference in the tension would show up as a line across the piece. As I neared row 100, I remembered I forgot to add in those freaking shortrows above the hem! Calmly, I dropped the piece off the machine, pulled out the knitting back to row 16, rewound the yarn without breaking it, rehung the blessed thing – have I told you lately how I rather dislike Panama as it splits and is difficult to work with hand tooling stitches? Well, it’s also quite soft and even though in my mind I’m a master at rehanging almost anything, this was quite trying. Managed it and then walked away, took a breather.

Came back fresh, put away the lace carriage – shortrowing with ravel cord for this exercise would put me over the edge. I decided to continue in stockinette and do the small hand-transferred diamond from my original, which was done with the single prong tool so how hard could that be? Had the underarm shaping underway, began the diamond transfers at RC120, finished the underarm, cast off those shortrowed stitches, finished the hand-transfers and at RC170, where I would be shaping the front neck, realized I would not have enough turquoise to complete the Front. Gosh, I could easily become an alcoholic if this keeps up!
Next day, back at it, unravelled to underarm, thinking I could do the same to the Back, throw in a wide stripe of ivory or denim-coloured Panama to make up the difference and it came to me that I had a sock yarn that might do the trick. Dug it out, Malibu Stretch, https://knitwords.blogspot.com/2017/12/sox-talk.html
tossed the ball on the Back, looked at it from all angles and even though it doesn’t have turquoise in it, I felt the other colours would/might complement nicely and just do the trick. I think it worked! And you know, I didn’t change the Back, just saying…
Ya know, in all that drama I forgot what I was going to tell you about the hem and the 8-stitch repeat! Later!