Monday, April 21, 2008

cheating at swatches

I'm packing up to go teach at the Cardiknits Academy - what a job to decide what to take and what not to take - I have more than enough current stuff to fill 2 suitcases, but I do need to take some personal stuff, like shoes...
I have been trying to add a picture to my posts, so here goes - this is the first sleeve of my tweedy 'Caped Wrapper' that I talked about in last post - actually it turned out to be exactly what I need for one of the workshops where I show the stages of fit to finish, so I've semi-completed it and will take it and be able to show shortrowing the sleeve cap, seaming and finishing details.
oh, I think I got the photo added - here's where I put yarn marks on the first sleeve to simulate a tension swatch. Hope you get the idea!
Anyway, back to packing - I'll talk to you next week and tell all!

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