Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The same but different...

Where do the ideas and designs come from? Sometimes they are as simple as needing something to wear with something I already have. Or, in the case of ‘Flouncing Around’, I was given a beautiful handmade beaded necklace - Heather gave it to me last fall after an intensive hands-on workshop in Indiana - she said her Mom crocheted it just for me - it was after my admitted green crisis and I think they were hoping to divert my attention to other colours. It has four strands of beads, in ivory, plum and cranberry, that spiral - beats me how it was made, but it is very pretty and I was totally honoured to receive it. I just happened to have some wool crepe deluxe in black cherry that was perfect for it. Also, in the back of my head was a vague idea of a fitted cardigan with an asymmetrical ruffle. So, I started knitting....basic waist length fitted shape; wide, low vee; button front; elbow length sleeve. I ended up with a flounced peplum of sideways shortrows that looked cute and I added it to the sleeve and decided that was enough for one design. The plain neckline is the prefect frame for my necklace! Thank you, Heather’s Mom! And it goes perfectly with my fairisle skirt from ‘Sassy Skirts’.
That first idea of ruffles on one side of the vee was still in my head, so I re-knit the same basic block using another colour of Velveen, changed the hemline and sleeve by using a 1X1 rib with a really neat chained edging and picot knot (new technique), did a double ruffle (with two more brand new edges!!) on one side only, used my skin print buttons, well-aged and I just love it! I called it ‘Wild Side’. If you think it’s trashy, keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know!
These are two more of the designs in No 50 - I really like this idea - taking a basic block and changing it up with plenty of options - or just try it plain - you’ll see more of this in the future, I’m already working on things for No 51!


Cindy said...

Love the black cherry one! Totally love it. Wild Side is nice too (and not at all trashy)- enlarged the pic to see the ruffle, really cute. Anxious to see the new techniques; why don't you just mail No 50 early? I wouldn't mind, really.

isrbrown said...

Regarding "Flouncing Around" ... I am glad you didn't quote me. In reality the necklace was made for someone that it might work for. I picked it out for you because of the whole green issue you had blogged about previously. I also thought .. Mary Anne would look great in Reds! I am glad it worked out. I can't wait to share issue 50 with Mom!

The necklace is created using a Victorian Era Crochet Technique that has been taught Mother to Daughter for several generations within my family. It is amazing to watch my Mother & Sister thread (in pattern) then crochet the tiny beads into ropes that are so light and easy to wear. I know how to do it. But there is are several reasons I am a Machine Knitter!

I think I will knit "Flouncing Around" to match one of my necklaces or perhaps knit then match. I am so lucky!

jeannie crockett said...

I agree with Cindy, please feel free to mail #50 early. What great stuff. See you in Cleveland.