Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reno for Spots in Dots

‘Spots in Dots’ from No 50 - loved the stitch pattern, loved the trim, loved the yarn... You may have noticed I don’t often make pullovers. The reason - they make me feel chubby, so, if I do make one, it’s usually something that is for outerwear and a little oversized.
After the photo shoots are over and I decide who gets to keep what, I really wanted ‘Spots in Dots’, but it was a little snug in the bust and I knew I wouldn’t wear it like that, so, I figured for a challenge, I’d cardiganize it.
Now, a very open lace fabric and cut & sew doesn’t usually make for the easiest thing to do. And, I’d have to come up with a band to cover the cut & sew edge, work in some buttonholes and make it all wide enough to compensate for the cut edges and to add a little extra width in case I did want to button it. I promised the gals at Peru, IN at the Spring Fling in April, that I tell about it here, so now you’ll have the rest of the story...
- find centre of front and run contrasting basting thread by hand to mark it.
- using matching thread and the 3 stitch zigzag at a narrow width with  sewing machine, stitch on column of stitches on either side of basting line and then on next column, either side, so there are 2 rows of zigzags on either side of centre line.
- very sharp scissors, carefully cut directly along basting line. (see swatch - click on it to enlarge - I know you probably still can’t see it very well because my sewing thread was such a good match, but you can see the basting thread and trust me the stitching is there!)
- make button band...see below and attach to left side of front...
- make buttonhole band.... and attach to right side...
- find suitable buttons... or should that have been back at the beginning....

Cut & Sew band - hold garment up to needle bed to determine number of sts, stretching slightly and add 1 stitch each end for seaming ends of band.
Knit a stockinette strip as follows: on same number of needles as length of band, on MB, cast on WY, knit several rows, 1 row ravel cord. MC, T7, K5R. Remove on WY or garter bar.
Button band - (66-0-66 n’s is what I used.) Cast on with WY, 1 row ravel cord. RC000. MC, T8, K1R. Tighten by 1 dot, K7R, to T5... at RC008. T10, K1R. T5., K1R. Plus 1 dot, K1R, knit to RC017. Hang hem. T8, K1R.
Hang stockinette strip on same n's, purl side facing you.
T7, K5R. RTR. K1R. Remove on garter bar - you have an envelope now, to stuff the edge into!
Hang cut & sewed edge, right side facing on same n's, leaving end n's empty.
Turn and hang band, putting right sides together, open sts in hooks. Close latches and pull open stitches through closed edge.
Pick up stitches from strip. Remove WY. Manually knit 1 row loosely and chain off.
Buttonholes, same as used on ‘Purple Purls’, No 52.

Have to say, this was pretty easy, looks great - I can hardly wait to wear it....and I can use this application on another garment I’m planning - maybe something ribber-ish for Sue J to wear in September at Inspiration 2010 - see!


Dana Murphy said...

What an awesome update to a great pattern. Thanks, Mary Anne!

Ev said...

Unless it's the dead of winter and my goal is warmth, I don't like pullovers either. Wonderful idea and post MA! I might have to try that with Groovy Girl.
Thanks for all the details!