Thursday, October 3, 2013

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I was in Nova Scotia last weekend, teaching a workshop for the Maritime Machine Knitters – what fun!  Seeing old friends and making new – we all got along just great. Edith Scott won the knitting contest, with her version of  ‘Up a Notch’, my pattern from KW#30 – great job, Edith! I couldn’t have done better myself! Special thanks to Valerie for taking such good care of me - you were awesome and so thoughtful!
Hello to all my new blog-followers (Angela, Catherine... not to name a few names!), hope this has lived up to the billing! (I gave them all what for, for not following already – LOL!)
Home again and after getting everything put away, I was trying to get back to the business of finishing Vickie’s skirt – I did finish my KS project – I think it turned out well and, bonus,  got all 3 tiers of both skirts knit. Now to do the blocking and steaming and get them assembled – well actually, I need to disassemble mine down to the first tier (it is still good – I was just redoing the top 2 tiers of that one) before starting to re-do it.
Second Tier - lace Marbella
Third Tier - Skinny Majesty stockinette
What made it easy to knit the two at a time was being able to stack the pieces and save time not having to cast on anew for each piece – this also saves time with the blocking and steaming.

Anyway, project interrupted – I just got an urgent request from the San Diego Machine Knitting Guild to fill in for a cancellation for next weekend – so, if you’re anywhere near (or far) and can make it, see you in San Diego Oct 12 and 13th!

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apenneyrose said...

Well, if I would only do the same thing more than once this would be such a time saver. Just have to push myself and do some repeat projects so I can have the benefit of stacking them on.
Have a fun seminar.
My daughter is home from Alberta ( to New Brunswick) and I have loaned my car for some days next week. Should be a good block in time to be at the knitting machine.
Angela, met you in Truro. NS.