Sunday, January 26, 2014

finally, #190

I’ve been waiting to see how it’s going to look and there is a new website too! is the new link. I sent in my garment back in September and then you tend to forget about it for a while. I was happy with my design but, like I’ve said in the past, I make it in a finished 36 bust size, so there is really no hardship in parting with it because it doesn’t fit me and the yarn was chosen by our new editor, Cari and I really didn’t like the colour, a tealy green, but that’s just me. You can check out some of my background story, ‘anatomy of a design…’ Sep 6/13.
In early December Cari sent me this photo of my cardi and I was totally impressed! She did ask me to keep it to myself until the magazine came out, so I couldn’t share it earlier. It looks great and the more I studied at it, I knew I was going to regret not having one. Thought about it on and off between my getting-ready-for-Christmas projects and was planning to get some yarn to make it – what am I thinking? I prefer standard gauge garments and I already have a stock of innumerable selections of suitable mercerized cottons to make it on the standard gauge. Yes, that’s the way I’ll go! I did a swatch of the drop stitch and it looked lame - actually the drop stitch is an easy way to make a lace pattern on the mid gauge, but with the Silver Reed lace carriage available why bother with a hand transferred technique.
I did some hybrid knitting (see - Jan 16/13) – I used the lace stitch from No 40, ‘Lacy in Red’, the hem from ‘Borderline’, No 25, the shape from my KS design in my size, oh and the yarn I’m using is Yeoman Yarns Cannelé which is the same as 'Borderline' and I had done a remake of ‘Lacy in Red’ for myself using Cannelé back in ’08 so no swatches needed!!! I re-gauged the hand-transferred yoke stitch pattern, using a 7-prong tool for the waves so 2 repeats still looked good on the sideways knit yoke – just need to do the final putting together!
Did I mention they had a sucky name? ‘Lots ‘o Lace’ – I did try to rename it. When I sent in the pattern, I made a compromise and called it ‘Lace Waves’ – but it obviously didn’t take and you know what? Isn’t that apostrophe in the wrong place! LOL!


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Anonymous said...

I thought it looked nice in the magazine. I don't pay much attention to what they call the items. I am more interested that the photography show the item well. Too many mags are more into artsy scene staging versus showing the garment detail, style and fit.