Wednesday, February 26, 2014

remake of a remake?

do you believe in coincidences? I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago – somehow we were discussing who had stashes of what yarns and turned out she had a couple of cones of that old Bonnie Triola denim bouclé – I just loved that stuff and  did knit quite a bit of it – I mentioned that I’d really like some more – I was down to only half a cone left –  I had a lace poncho (worn once) out of it that I was considering (wait for it) unraveling – OMG is this getting to be a habit? not likely – anyway, my friend shared with me and sent me a full cone of her denim bouclé, 21 oz of pure  treasure! After I received it, she asked what I would be making and I admitted I was thinking of doing another remake of ‘Hoods Up’ from KNITWORDS#22 (See blog May 2013) – that attempt was also a denim cotton yarn, but I ran out and didn’t get the hood done and ended up doing a button front, so it was no longer ‘Hoods Up’.
Now, the coincidence part, the other day, I got an email from Lynne in Nova Scotia – her and Nancy have decided to do a knitalong with their group and have chosen ‘Hoods Up’ for the project!! – anyway – here’s the link to their blog –  - it should be fun to follow along and see what happens! Why they chose this pattern and how they are going to make changes – different yarn, different gauge machine, etc… read what they have to say - I’m going to  do mine and maybe jump in here and there.
The original was made in Honiburd Cotton Rainbow  and I would love to make it from that again also but again another discontinued yarn – there is a limited amount of colours left, but I do have several part cones of that too and I’m wondering if it might be a worthwhile contribution to the knitalong to plan a two-colour version of the hoodie…my original red one weighed in at 17 oz/480g for the first size (finished bust, 42.5 in) and it is 
short-ish/waist length…there is 18.5 oz of the black which should make it but very close -  I’m not going to chance it – besides, probably the reason I still have the black is because I finally realized that black regular cotton (unmercerized) is only going to become shades of grey as it is washed and worn.
I could put a chest-high, wide band of the paper bag tan (love that name!) around, maybe 2 to 3 inches deep and at the top of sleeve, so it looks like you cut the garment across horizontally and inserted the other colour…I hate it when you see a garment that looks like you ran out of yarn and had to add something else to finish it off… but planning it with 2 or 3 colours…hummm… the PBT goes nicely with the fisherman too…

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