Friday, January 15, 2016

the final of that 4F thing...

I did finish it and it turned out fine (more 'ef' words!)! The hood is perfect and looks very good when on - frames the neckline, falls nice and flat over the back and looks good if you had to wear it up - what more could you want?
That was the first time I actually knit something planning to do a cut and sew and, for future reference, I'd leave one or two needles out of work at the centre - I did hang yarn marks as I was knitting but, after the fact, realized that a needle out of work would have been more effective (and easier - I'm all about that!) because it would show the centre line on both inside and out.
I used the outside seaming techniques from 'ManFriend Hoodie' for the shoulders and attaching the hood to the neckline.
The finished garment - I soaked it in Eucalan for a half hour and then in fabric softener for another half hour, rolled it in a towel, laid it to dry and then gave it a final block/steam (which you will have to do with any fairisle garment made of pure wool whenever you launder it ;-)). The yarn softened up but it is not quite 'next-to-your-skin' wearable even though I have never had a problem wearing pure wool before but that's okay - it is more like the weight of a jacket anyway.  Love it!

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