Friday, December 11, 2020


Never! Set aside the ‘tawny pink’ sleeves for Janet’s Take a Turn.
There’s a cably Aran project in that blue alpaca hanging on the LK…
none of it abandoned, just set aside for a minute or so. I realized I needed to do some socks and I know I’ve probably over-sox-talked over the years but here goes me again! I have a very dear friend in Indiana – I’ve mentioned her before

Anyway, I thought maybe this might give someone some inspiration. She’s (my friend) getting on in years and is on medication that has caused weight gain and very swollen feet. I made these socks for her, using my Warmup Sox pattern – you can still request it

She’s normally a ladies size 8 regular so what I did was knit the same sock but bumped up the stitch size to make them softer and loose, especially the ribbed cuff so it won’t feel tight on her ankles. The rib is knit at T7/7 and the foot is T8/10. I went with the largest width size (40-0-40 ns) but same rows for length of the rib and the foot. Two pairs, along with a package of digestive cookies that she loves - in the mail!

While I’m at it, making more socks – ankle, knee, reading, whatever you call them,  I love making socks! Christmas is coming! Stay safe!


Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Nice sox! I love Digestives, great for cheesecake crust or spread some Chocolate Hazelnut spread on them and chow down. Wishing you the warmest love filled holidays!

Anonymous said...

In Holland we call socks; sokken. But the longer ones are called kniekousen or knee stockings. I have worn them all my life but my grandchildren had a blast finding out I wore them. They only wear socks. It looked like something for dinosaurs to them.
I am a beginner of knitting on machines and I have just finished my first pair of socks (to wide and to big but I’ll try again) on the single bed. The ribber is still a bit of a mystery but I’ll get that one mastered too.
Thank you for your inspiring blog,