Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 dragging my feet? lollygagging? procrastinating? camping out? Yes, yes and hell yes!

Honestly, I was pretty pumped with my design. I had knit the two plain stockinette sleeves first while thinking and re-thinking the body of this lacy jean jacket. I had it all planned out, sideways knit, making it in one piece, planning out pockets (that’s the lime green ravel cords awaiting further developments), shortrowing some shape and I was all gung-ho! I added more of the lace circles in the stitch pattern, spacing them alternately every 10 stitches, increasing the hands-on work (by the way, there are 8 RTRs in every 36-row repeat!). But, approaching the centre back, I started thinking, ohmigosh what was I thinking? It was going forever! And as the first centre front edge hit the floor, after reminding myself that this was cotton and would/should shrink up a lot, I was re-measuring my swatch, re-calculating the row counts, re-measuring my shape, totally questioning my sanity. Do I cut my loses and quit? Admit defeat? Continue into madness?  
I was really close to losing interest, having an increasingly difficult time motivating myself to continue. I had another project that I’d like to get into but felt that abandoning this mid-stream would mean relegating this precious yarn to UFO status. Not acceptable! P
ersevered, finally on the home stretch of the last half front, pulled out all the stops and got ’er done!

Taking it off the machine, stretching it lengthwise and folding it into the garment shape, saying, what the haich? No worries, this will be fabulous!