Tuesday, January 3, 2012

knitwear, 5 stars!

Went yesterday to the movies to see ’the girl with the dragon tattoo’ - I’ve read all the books and enjoyed the first two immensely - the third one, not so much - I thought there was too much recap and not enough new Lisbeth stuff, but that’s just my opinion - it was okay, just not as good as the first two...I did see the Swedish movie version of the first one and was quite disappointed in it for several reasons which I won't go into because this isn’t really a movie review although this new version is very good!!
One thing that really interested me was the knits - Mikael/Daniel Craig had several, very masculine sweaters - they were mostly cardigans but some were hard to tell - one was a charcoal ribbed raglan with shawl collar, another lighter grey one with cables and he had a fluffy, mohair-ish thing in a very dark colour. The older girlfriend/most-time lover (can’t remember her name off-hand) had a great, long cardigan with ribs and pockets that looked elegant and sexy in a work situation and, his daughter, who only appeared in a few frames, had a very interesting lacy mid-gauge sweater with large holes that I definitely wanted a better look at. The movie takes place in Sweden and it seemed to be cold and damp there so maybe that’s why all the knitwear and everything was quite dark, but I will be renting the video as soon as possible and hopefully watching it at someone else’s house where they have a really big screen and picture in a picture or whatever so I can enlarge the knits! will let you know how I make out!
Oh, yeah, Happy New Year!

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Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

I do the same thing - check out the sweaters in movies! When we watch them at home, if I comment on a sweater my hubby will automatically stop the scene so I can get a better look.

Sometimes the sweaters are better than the story...