Tuesday, January 31, 2012

lacy daze...

I just finished my prototype for the next design in the current Pattern-of the-Month/Serial Stuff series - I had promised a lace cardigan with a vertical shawl collar (see blogpost - ‘ideas, ideas' Jul 24/11) - now, I hope you realize, nothing is ever carved in stone with me...What really struck me with this design was the vertical shawl collar. I did see another episode of that show and I think the cardigan I saw was actually a dressing gown - she had been in a bad confrontation and was almost raped, managed to escape and it showed her later at home with this thing on, so that’s why I think it was a dressing gown - you know, something cozy and comforting....Anyway, it was the collar that really stood out - so my guest began with the lace stitch pattern - I like geometric lace and usually what I do is play around with something and see if I can expand it or whatever...
5 trial swatches later, I had what I wanted.
I liked the idea of a luxury fibre for this - I love some of the old yarns that are NLA (no longer available) and Forsell’s Naturell was a real classic - I had enough leftovers to do my test garment and OMG, I love it!! Changed the shape of it a bit - went with an exaggerated A-line for the body which creates these great ’points’ at the side seams. The collar/front/facings is fab!! I’m so pleased - it is knit separately from the fronts, but in one piece and attached very neatly on the machine - great techniques here, even if I do say so myself!! It was a challenge to figure out a way to get a nice fold line for the edge, in order to make the facing and collar in one piece, but it’s beautiful!
I am making the real thing using Cigno Super Kid Mohair (cream) from Yeoman Yarns - it’s a very fine mohair/nylon that is quite soft (not scratchy) but strong and quite a bit thinner than the finished look of the Naturell prototype - available from http://www.knititnow.com/ (US) or http://www.cardiknits.com/ (Canada) - so be warned - check your stash or order what you need - the Cigno comes on a 300g cone, but there is a ton of yardage, so 1 cone will do whatever size you want and the pattern is written for the gauge of the Cigno (25 sts and 40 rows over the lace pattern at T5) - if you happen to have some Naturell laying about, my finished cardy is 275g (T5 lace, 25 sts and 45 rows)...the pattern, called ‘Gossamer’ will be ready next week.


WoolWorks said...

That's beautiful!

365 Dresses said...

Hi, Mary Anne. I love "The Closer" and that sweater in particular. In the early seasons, she wore the sweater frequently, although I haven't seen it recently. (We watch all them when they come out on Netflix.) Did you know that your digital camera will usually take a great photo of the screen? I use my iPhone camera to capture sweaters, necklaces, hairdos, and other interesting details.


Michael said...

Beautiful, Mary Anne! Your designs are the best!

Thank you,

TracyKM said...

My camera even has a setting just for taking pictures of a TV screen!
That is a gorgeous design. I love the shape, and the collar, and the lace.
But I don't have a lace carriage :(
Any chance you might design something similar that can be done on the standard or LK150; something without a lace carriage? Pretty please?

Sue Jalowiec said...

Beautiful sweater, Mary Anne!

Sorry to say the Cigno is now discontinued but Yeoman is keeping Elsa in their line. Same yardage, different fiber content - 24 colors!