Monday, February 6, 2012


Last week, when I was thinking about knitting lace, I remembered blogging about casting on single bed using the ribber comb but I couldn’t remember exactly what I did. I figured, well, just go to the blog and look it up - I couldn’t recall exactly when it was and it took me a while to find it. (it was back in 2008 under wasted...not!) Then I thought, hummm, there is a spot for me to enter key words or labels or whatever when I’m posting the blog, so if I entered something, I might be able to find things faster - because, I’ll be honest here - this isn’t the first time I’ve spent some time looking for my own tips...
So later that day, I spent a couple of hours entering a bunch of what I thought would be good key words. When I was finished I thought, okay, now what? Then I noticed the search bar at the very top left hand side of the page - there’s the B for Blogger symbol, and a white rectangle with the magnifying glass if you know what I’m going to say and are laughing already, I’m glad, I hope I made your day!
Anyway, I typed in one of the ‘labels’ I’d been adding to the past 3 years of posts and the stuff that came up wasn’t only the labels that I’d added. I realized that it was word searching and well, I guess the outcome is the same. I could have just sat here and not owned up to it or I could have gone back and deleted the labels, but at least I learned how to search for something!! Enjoy! BTW, you can enter one of the labels and see what else comes up - have fun, I did!
Hugs to all, MAO!

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