Tuesday, March 26, 2024

what the...

Omigosh! you guys! I love all these comments on that last post especially! tells me you’re reading! 

Thanks, Tom - you’re way too nice! You didn’t see the 98 deleted photos! ;)

No, no actual pattern! I’m past that - too many issues to consider in what yarn, etc and no one is buying anyway! 

What I have been trying to do is provide you with the inspiration and resources (my books, and more specifically here, my The Handbook for Manual Machine Knitters - HMMK) to make your own design - how to use the information you already have and spin it into a great garment! 

And then, what the heck is a ‘needle bettle’? No worries, I googled it and seems it’s a knock-off of the old Silver Reed needle selector - but it did say that it brings the needles to D rather than C which is what the LS6 (which had the built-in option of being converted for use on the 9mm hobby knitter) did and you then had to use the flat side of the needle selector to put them in D position for tuck or fairisle. 

But the big thing is they all only select an 8-stitch repeat. So, it’s handy for that but considering the price as opposed to the number of patterns you could use it on…

My NP diamonds repeat was a 10-st repeat and you could redesign the diamonds to an 8-st…so, yes you can use that thingy to select the needles for an 8-st repeat lace pattern or a 4-st or a 2-st…except the needle is in D position and for me at least, to try and hook your transfer tool onto it when it's stuck way out like that, not so much!

I have had that LS6 for at least 30 years  - it retailed for $24! and I did use it a couple of times but that 8-st repeat is quite limiting and it was only available for a very short time, probably why I haven't talked about it before.


Linda said...

I love the Needle Beetle, especially for tuck stitch. I've used it a few times. I just did a baby blanket with an 8 stitch repeat that had a cute 8 row tuck sequence. Used all needles except beyond 57 R to accommodate the Needle Beetle. Well, I guess you could use the end stitches if you remove the carriage prior to running the Needle Beetle across.
Thank you for your comment. It's nice to know you read them. :)

Rita in Raleigh said...

Yes, we do read your comments and are inspired by them, even if we never get around to knitting them
I do use the needle beetle II on my brother 350. It makes fairisle a lot easier. Tuck also. There are lots of 8 stitch designs in the old manuals for the 8 button knitting machines. I found those manuals at mkmanuals.
Thanks for continuing to inspire us with your chatty writing and photos of works in progress and completed.